CI Wizz, never boring

Have a chat, his name is Corrin

First impressions that you’ll find

Is that he has a find tuned mind

OK, so he’s really really smart

But you know he has a caring heart

Working with Corrin can be really quite a shock

When you find out that he’s as logical as Spock

Always quick, never ever slow

The NZ champion of the board game GO

Became known as a foosball hustler

But not renowned for being muscular

Although an expert of Oracle and programming SQL

Moving to SAS, for the team he’s made it less of a hell

Master of the information, big and small

This guy really seems to know it all

Moving Fly Buys to the new data warehouse

Writing requirements quietly as a weremouse

A fan of the quotes lists, he collected the datum

Averse to photos of other people’s scrotums

Quitting LNZL, his career’s in the crapper!

But au contraire, he’s off to Snapper

The kindest guy that you ever did know

Corrin, we’ll miss you after you go

So it is with a final shake hand

We say goodbye to Mister Lakeland