Annoyances SAS Enterprise Guide

I mentioned in my previous post that I selected SAS as the best tool for graphical data mining.  As part of that decision, we decided to move the entire analytics process to graphical programming in SAS.  What was previously custom SQL and PL/SQL is now diagrams in Enterprise Guide (EG).

I don’t regret that decision, and some of the things I have seen EG do elegantly and simply have blown me away.  Even more than that, seeing it do the job of four different tools adequately has more than justified the decision to standardise on the SAS platform.  It is a very fine tool, but this post is about the things in Enterprise guide that make you go “What were they thinking!”.

Graphical programming is a problem that has been attempted for a very long time - I first used it in Hypercard in the early 90s but I’m sure it’s much older than that.  Therefore, it surprises me that so many of the issues I’ve pointed out below are things that have been resolved