Resuscitating this blog

This is the first post in about a year.  That's mainly because for that is I've been unbelievably busy since moving to Auckland with a more demanding job, a much longer commute and a baby at home.  The other reason is that the software I had been using - iWeb - only runs on my home computer and has been discontinued by Apple.

I started writing websites in 2004 having taught myself HTML.  This website had its first pages written in HTML using vi while I should probably have been writing research papers.  But as the web got more complex with javascript, and I concentrated on less geeky endeavours, I shifted to easier to use software.  However it is a little bit frustrating that HTML continues to work perfectly but I have to move on from more modern tools because the latest computers can't run them properly.

Anyway I have now got over that and shifted to an online editor (squarescape) which seems pretty easy to use so far and can be updated from anywhere.  The plan is that the ability to post from anywhere will mean I actually get around to doing it.